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For all out of area rentals, there are a few factors that are different than a normal rental.  The terms of the rental are basically the same, the Deposit, Shipping charges, and Length of rental are the only policy differences.

1st - We require a deposit for the full purchase price of the item.  This protects us in the event that the item never makes it back. 

2nd - The rental start and finish time will include shipping.  From the time it leaves our warehouse until we receive it back, you will be charged the rental fee.  Based on the length of the rental, this may be discounted.  In most cases, the longer you have an item, the less it costs per day.

3rd - We have no issue with you keeping the item longer than agreed upon with the understanding that only a portion of your deposit will be refunded based on the length of time the item is out.  All rentals not returned on time will require a phone call to let us know the item will not be back within the agreed upon timeframe..  (208) 502-0201

4th - All shipping charges will be paid by the consumer for both directions.  We will charge the initial shipping charge with the order.  The return shipping is the responsibility of the renter.

5th - Shipping damages must be filed with the shipper.  If the item arrives to you damaged, we require proof of this.  We must receive: Pictures of the box, Pictures of the damage, and a Video of what is not functioning correctly. 

Please make sure to carry insurance when shipping to cover the full purchase price of the item.  In most cases, there is a small additional charge for items over $100 through the shipper. If insurance is not purchased and the item gets damaged but is not covered, this will be taken out of the deposit.

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