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Odorcide Dumpster & Chute Concentrate 1 Gal.


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Specifically formulated to eliminate odors commonly found in trash dumpsters and trash chutes. 

Trash dumpsters, garbage cans and areas around them are frequently the source of complaints due to odor. Situations involving unclean and smelly dumpsters can lead to serious health code violations. Odorcide Dumpster & Chute works through a process of counteraction and absorption to safely, but effectively eliminate the odor. Sold as a concentrate, the product is diluted with water and applied using a variety of sprayer applications.

- Effectively used to eliminate trash odor generated from hotels, hospitals, restaurants, construction sites, offices, industrial plants and many more.
- Designed to work in tank, trigger and end-of-hose sprayer applications to eliminate odors associated with dumpsters and dumpster pads.
- Can also be used in sprayer applications to eliminate odor in garbage chutes and trash cans.