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Odorcide Original R-T-U Soaker

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Odorcide Original R-T-U Soaker

**Ready to Use**
***1-2 day handling time***

All purpose formula that permanently eliminates deeply imbedded odors through one-time spot application or use in everyday cleaning procedures.

Serious odors originating from pet/human urine, sweat, mold, mildew, feces and decaying organic material can be extremely offensive and difficult to eliminate. Odorcide Original works through a unique chemical counteraction process to effectively eliminate foul odors. Safe to use in residential and commercial settings; Odorcide Original will eliminate odors found in restrooms, homes, schools, locker rooms, hospitals and nursing homes. Sold in concentrate and ready-to-use forms, it can be added directly to carpet cleaning systems, mop buckets, trigger spray bottles, etc.