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ZipWall Dust Barrier Toolkit

The ZipWall Dust Barrier Toolkit offers the flexibility to meet practically any dust barrier installation challenge - setting up a plastic dust barrier, setting up a reusable-fabric dust barrier, creating an entry in a plastic barrier, creating a room within a room, covering a door, or sealing a barrier without tape - to name a few.

It contains everything you need to create a dust barrier up to 16 feet wide and seal it on all four sides. Complete with carry bags, this kit is reusable and works with drop-ceilings.


  • Five ZipWall 12 foot spring-loaded poles
  • Six FoamRail Span adjustable tapeless seals
  • One FoamRail tapeless seal 2-pack
  • Four wall mounts
  • Five heads and non-skid plates
  • Five GripDisk non-slip pads
  • Two floor adaptors for ZipWall 12 poles
  • One ZipWall heavy-duty zipper 2-pack
  • One ZipDoor standard door kit
  • Two Edge heads & non-skid plates
  • One ZipFast reusable barrier panel multi-pack
  • Carry bags