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ZipWall FoamRail Span Adjustable Tapeless Seal

After your ZipWall barrier is in place, use the FoamRail Tapeless Seals to tightly seal along ceilings, floors or walls without using ladders or tape.  They easily snap on to all ZipWall poles and SideClamp wall mounts. Once attached, they push the barrier against the ceiling, floor or wall creating a tight seal. The FoamRail Span Adjustable Tapeless Seal seal slides to expand or contract, sealing up to 8' of barrier edge using just one ZipWall pole or wall mount.

FoamRail Span Adjustable Tapeless Seal contains one FoamRail Span adjustable tapeless seal. Does not include pole or wall mount.

  • Form a dust-tight seal along the ceilings, floors, and walls
  • Perfect for residential or commercial jobsites
  • Ideal for work in healthcare facilities
  • Installs in seconds
  • No ladders or tape needed

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