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ZipWall Hall Kit

The ZipWall Hall Kit contains everything you need to seal off a 9' 6" x 9' 6" hallway. It is reusable, and comes in a convenient carry bag  complete and ready for installation. One person can set it up in a few minutes.

The ZipFast Hatch panel is flame retardant, and can easily be zipped up with other ZipFast reusable barrier panels to widen the barrier if necessary. The zippered hatch may be rolled up and held open with the attached Velcro strips.

Key features:

  • Reusable
  • Airtight - seals tightly at the ceiling, floor, and walls
  • Flame retardant nylon panel with zippered hatch
  • Can be used with negative or positive air
  • Ideal for healthcare facilities, office buildings, hospitality spaces, and any commercial environment
  • Can be widened with additional ZipFast reusable barrier panels sold separately
  • Works with drop ceilings