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ZipWall ZipFast Hatch Panel - Flame Retardant

ZipFast Hatch panel is a special panel designed to seal off a hallway while allowing access through a zippered hatch. The panel is 10 feet wide and 10 feet high. Additional ZipFast panels can be zipped along the sides of the hatch panel to widen it.

Note: If rolling equipment or supplies is a necessary part of the job, use a ZipFast 2 panel as a door - it can be added either to the Hatch panel or to other ZipFast panels to create a barrier as wide as needed.

The ZipFast Hatch panel is included in the ZipWall Hall Kit and is also sold separately.


Key features:

  • Ready to use - no measuring or cutting
  • Greener and more cost-effective than plastic sheeting
  • Provides privacy on both sides of the barrier
  • Professional looking
  • Made of high-tech fabric with built-in heavy duty zippers
  • Flame retardant