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Pro Sorb Bonnet - 19"


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Pro Sorb Bonnet - 19"

Pro Sorb Bonnets utilize the best in physical chemistry to optimize soil separation and removal from carpet fibers.  These unique bonnets maximize the science of Shear, Capillarity, Adsorption, Interfacial Pressure and Expansion to bring low moisture bonnet cleaning to a whole new level. 

The tightly twisted scrub surface of the bonnet provides maximum agitation to Shear soil from the carpet fibers.  The fiber - a very porous highly stranded cotton - exhibits strong Capillarity to pull solution into its voluminous Adsorbent surface areas.  As the surfaces become loaded and interfacial pressure increases the solution is pulled into the less tightly twisted low pressure area of the upper yarn leaving a vacuum to be filled with more incoming liquefied soil.